Credential Clarifications & Reminders

The initial credential must be completed within 2 years of the provider’s enrollment date. Providers must document successful completion of DSP101, 102 & 103, 2 years (8 issues) of TT quizzes and 2 First Steps Core Training (FSCTs), one for each year. Providers will need two grid pages to record all credential points. Please note that DSP 101, 102, and103 DO NOT count as a FSCT for the initial credential. CSC will contact providers when the packet is incomplete or clarification is needed. Submission of the packet alone, does not meet the recredential requirement. The credential packet must be approved by CSC Providers will receive a letter once the credential has been reviewed and approved.

Ideally, annual credential packets should be submitted 30 days prior to your credential date. Once received, the packet will be reviewed by CSC. CSC will contact provider agencies, when a credentialing packet is in-complete or clarification is needed. If additional information is needed, the 30 days, allows the provider time to respond, without an interruption in credentialing or enrollment. A timely recredential is needed in order to remain enroll in the system.

When submitting your credentialing packet, you must provide a copy of the UTS “My Training and My Quizzes” page, showing payment of your annual training fee, completion of all four Training Times (TT) and one First Steps core training (FSCT). In addition, providers must complete additional activities such as education, training and experience, to document a full 3 points within the year. Activities counting toward your credential must be completed during the credentialing year. Therefore, if you credential is due March 15, 2012, you may only count trainings that occurred between March 16, 2011 and March 15, 2012.

The credential packet must be approved by CSC. Providers will receive a letter once the credential has been approved.

CSC may pend credentials for additional information or documentation. The provider must submit the requested documentation before the end of the month due. If the information is not received, the provider will receive a final notice letter, giving 14 days to respond or face dis-enrollment.

Providers must submit copies of their UTS profile “My Trainings” and “My Quizzes” pages to document com-pletion of the four required TT quizzes and one FSCT.

Experience for the annual training must be in early intervention and for infants and toddlers, birth to 3 years of age. Providers need to pro-rate their experience to reflect work in other areas or with older children and adults. Providers must use the chart found in the Personnel Guidelines December 2010 page 13 to pro-rate their experience. To pro-rate experience, the provider must calculate the average hours worked per week in early intervention, birth to three. A letter from their provider agency or other documentation should be maintained in the provider‟s personal credential file to verify the points taken for experience.

Provider agency meetings discussing business processes, agency issues, etc. do not qualify for credential points. Provider Agency training or in-service education may count towards the credential if the topic discussed is related to the First Steps competencies and is specific to infants and toddlers. Providers should list the date, trainer name/discipline, title of the training and time/credential points for the training. Providers must maintain documentation of the training in their personal training file. This documentation must include training title, date, trainer name, and an agenda or training outline.

Provider Agencies are required to forward all communication between CSC and the Agency in regards to a provider‟s credential application, information requests and credential approval. Agencies must be timely in notifying providers, as the provider is at risk for dis-enrollment if they fail to response to a final warning letter.

-UTS Training Times February 2012