If you feel inspired to work with 1st Kids, please send your resume to Katie Callan at Jobs@1st-Kids.org.

All offices are currently fully staffed. If you are interested in working for 1st Kids, Inc., you may submit your resume to be kept on file.

All Clusters are currently looking for full/part time Developmental Therapists with one year of early intervention experience, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Speech and Language Pathologists to work as independent contractors on our Assessment Team. Please email jobs@1st-kids.org for more information.

Find more information about 1st-Kids, Inc. job descriptions by downloading the PDF.

Assessment Team Contractor

SPOE Director

LPCC Coordinator

Intake Coordinator

Service Coordinator

Administrative Assistant

*Please note that all job descriptions are listed, but may not be hiring.

Interested in becoming an ongoing therapist? Click the map below for job opportunities in your area

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